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The Vis-a-Vis and Victoria Coach

Vis-a-Vis The Vis-a-Vis and the Victoria Coach, the perfect conveyance for your wedding or formal affair:

The Vis-a-Vis (face-to-face) is a beautiful, white two -seat carriage appointed with lush velvet upholstery. It comfortably accomodates four adults and two children. This vehicle is a modern classic, a favorite of many a new bride.

The Victoria Coach, an expertly restored 1860's Studebaker, was formerly owned by the Roosevelt family.  It features a black leather top with black tufted and pleated upholstery.  The body panels and wheels are a rich blue, with black trim and gold accent  pinstriping.  This is truly an elegant vehicle.

Both of these carriages are ideal for weddings.  Each has a convertible top which is generally up while escorting the bride to church and down when leaving the ceremony.  Your photographer will love the opportunity to take great pictures.

The Warrior Wagon

Warrior Wagon The Warrior Wagon, made its debut in 2014 at the World Percheron Congress in West Springfield, MA.  It was built by Frank Castella, Sr. and can be used at various events to honor Veterans of our U.S. Armed Services. 

The wagon is handicapped accessible, complete with a wheelchair lift.

You can see more images and videos of the Warrior Wagon on the Facebook page dedicated to the wagon itself:

Article written about the Warrior Wagon.

The Studebaker Hitch Wagon

The Studebaker Hitch Wagon The Studebaker Hitch Wagon, an 1890's delivery wagon, features all chrome appointments, a jet black body with white undercarriage and vibrant blue, silver and red trimming.  Available with two, four or six Percheron horses.

A real crowd pleaser, the Studebaker Hitch Wagon is great for parades, exhibitions or opening events. We can arrange to have banners placed on each side indicating your company or group.  Bring Santa to your event in this period carriage and make an impression with the public.

The Omnibus and The Hayride Wagon


For larger groups of people, try the Omnibus or the Hayride Wagon.

The Omnibus is equipped with seats along both sides, steps in the rear, and a fringed top for bringing guests to your party in elegant style.  Consider this option for transporting the wedding party to and from the church.

Hayride Wagon

Or pile your friends into the Hayride Wagon for a casual harvest-time romp or holiday caroling party!  We will even appoint the team with a wonderful set of bells to enhance the holiday feeling.

Enjoy the clip clop of a team of fine horses for your next group event.  Each of these wagons can seat up to 18 passengers.